Sunday, April 13, 2008

Peter Pan

This past Christmas found Andrew and I attending the Madison Ballet's production of the Nutcracker. Its quickly becoming a tradition for us, something to help get us in the Christmas spirit. I had bought the tickets over the phone, specifically asking the man which seats would be best, where in the balcony, how close to the center. When Andrew and I arrived we settled into our seats and looked through our program. And the conversation went something like this:

A: Hey Julia, did you see this? They're putting on a production of Peter Pan this spring! Wouldn't you like to go?
J: No, not really. I feel like I've seen Peter Pan so many times, I don't need to see the ballet.
A: Oh, okay.

later on

J: Aren't these seats great! I love how high we are.
A: But don't you think we could see more if we were on the auditorium floor? I mean, we would be really close that way.
J: Oh, I don't think so, these are the best seats in the house, or so the guy said.
A: Yeah, these are nice. . .

Fairly normal conversation, you might say. Well, come Christmas morning, I'm opening my present from Andrew and what do you know, tickets! Tickets to see Peter Pan. And guess what, they're floor seats! Unbeknownst to me, Andrew had purchased these tickets long before the Nutcracker. Oi! I felt like such a twit.

So, short story long, Andrew and I went and saw Peter Pan last night at the most incredible Capitol Theater down town Madison. The ballet was fantastic! Something I've never seen before! We were enchanted! The seats, on the floor, close to the stage, were perfect. It couldn't have been a better Christmas gift.


Art Kitten said...

I am glad you had a good time last night, I wish I could have taken Maya. I hate it when that happens, when someone plans a special event for me and I stick my foot in my mouth!

wunderbug said...

awwww! poor andrew! haha i always end up doing the same sort of thing. on my birthday gift, mike went out and specially bought green wrapping paper, ribbons, gift bags, tissue paper, etc... 'cause i love green. however, over my birthday dinner i started talking about how i'm over green and moved on to orange. (which, in hindsight, silly me, i know i'll never get over green) but regardless, i felt bad.

that's awesome that you enjoyed your gift though!

T said...

How fun! And what a sweetheart you have :) So glad you had a great time!!

Julia said...

Oh! Wunderbug! That's the funniest thing :) I'm not alone!