Thursday, April 3, 2008

More Daffies!

Two years ago Andrew went to France to teach English in their equivalent of high school for seven months. We were dating at the time, sending massive amounts of email and snail mail across the great blue sea. I still have a stack of penned letters in one of my antique suitcases. At Christmas time he wanted to send me a special Christmas present, but things were tight, so he had to find something that required little postage. Over the course of the holiday season he sent me at least three Christmas cards FULL of antique stamps! It was probably one of my favorite presents, ever! He wanted to see what I did with them. He knew that they would inevitably find special "homes." The following spring I set myself down and painted a small piece that incorporated a number of them. A spring-like painting with daffodils and stamps from all over the world. A little piece of me and a little piece of him melded together. I thought I would share it with you all this morning!


Art Kitten said...

As i said before I love this painting! I also love the story behind it, so romantic :)

T said...

This is so beautiful and conveys the love that brought it into being :)

"A house with daffodils in it is a house lit up, whether or no the sun be shining outside."

~ A.A. Milne

Waterrose said...

How cool is that...and that painting is lovely! Isn't the littlest present that make us the happiest!

Lost River Rags & CandleLights said...

I love that painting! Gorgeous!