Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Daffodil Yellow

I think Cozy Up said it best when posting one of her darling treasuries on her blog: For limited time only, check here! Excellent! So, for a limited time only, I have this Daffodil Yellow Treasury up on Etsy, come and see :) Don't they make you think "spring"?

I went on a quick walk yesterday and discovered purple crocuses popping up through the leaves and dirt. That was just as exciting as siting my first robin of the season. For me, seeing robins in the spring time is as exciting as seeing the first snowflake in winter!


ThePeachTree said...

Love love love it! I've been talking with each daffodil I pass on the sidewalk and they're all mighty fine :)

Julia said...

They're so friendly, aren't they?


wunderbug said...

crocuses!! you lucky little duck you. we still have snowbanks. i've been lingering over the potted mums in the grocery store lately and am thinking i'll get some bright ones for my desk, to sit on my windowsill.

i lovelove your treasury - yellow makes me super happy lately. i love the yellow pouch (was just thinking today actually, how having a cute little wristlet would be super helpful at the conference i'm going to this weekend - i hate carrying a bag) and also that 'love' giclee is so pretty. you've got such a great eye for these things!

Art Kitten said...

Julia this is so sunny and pretty! And you put one of the Mincing Mockingbird's paintings on it :) My fav!

T said...

Such a lovely treasury!! So springtime fresh and sunny :)