Monday, April 7, 2008


I'm a huge fan of lists. I love writing out what I have to do each day. I love creating lists of dreams in my journal, usually coupled with postcards and pictures to help me visualize them. I have lists of travel destinations, crafts to learn, people to write, favorite artists, favorite quotes (I love this poem), favorite recipes!

Here's one of my lists:
1. Learn how to silk screen
2. Visit the East Coast
3. Organize my book supplies *grins*
4. Go see Feist in concert
5. Someday have enough space, time and money to create my own studio!

Picture from Country Home magazine


Art Kitten said...

My favorite is the first one ;)

wunderbug said...

jewels! i totally thought that the pic was of your workspace, and i was about to croak from jealousy.

silk screening is on my list too, but i might just settle for gocco. :) and i was supposed to go see feist back in february when she was in toronto but didnt, 'cause i had nobody to go with me.


T said...

So glad you liked the poem! She is one of my very favorite writers :)

Lists make me very very happy so I totally relate to this post - be sure to come by and say hello when you cross off #2, you'll get your visit to the East Coast and experience southern hospitality as an added bonus!

Waterrose said...

Oh those lists....neverending! But they do help me keep on track (sometimes anyway).

::::LuLa Boutique:::: said...

I love that picture...I too thought it was your little workspace and I was in LOVE!!! Great inspiration for me to get my workspace together and pretty like that. I'll put that on my list. ;)

Nicole Then said...

i wish my room study table looked like that...sigh, it looks so dreamy