Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Inspiration

Happy Monday morning! I'm in need of filling up my blog space with beautiful bright photos. These are pieces of inspiration I've been slowly gathering.


wunderbug said...

augh! so! pretty! i want them. all of them. i feel the need to comment on every single one. they remind me of springtime, snow melting, birds chirping, coffee brewing, new, fresh-day goodness.

here i go:
a) that bathroom is messy in a sexy, pretty way. i want. my blue toothbrush would ruin the mood of the picture, though.
b) love that pattern on the pillow.
c) i need a sun-drenched white kitchen like that. next to a lake.
d) OH MY GOD i love both light fixtures, and the wall sconces. (are they sconces?) and the mini gallery. i'd willingly live in this hallway.
e) mm. green and dirt and glass and white. the best combination.
f) those PILLOWS! the colours! make me happy! make me use exclamation marks!

thank you for brightening my day with your pics. that's it for me - i'm out. :)

Little Lovables said...

I my goodness... I so wish my home looked like this!!