Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Winter Crafts

I just painted Madeleine's nails "shiny peeenk" for Valentine's Day.  William is building snow monsters out of his grape-scented Jello playdoh.  And I'm listening to my Debussy station, sipping my first mug of tea, and wondering how to spend this chilly Wednesday morning.  This winter has been a challenge for me.  Not necessarily because of the winter blues--though, those are always lurking in the background--rather it's been due to the fact that we live in such a spot that I can't walk my neighborhood.  The sidewalks that do exist are piled four feet high with dirty snow.  We're utterly dependent on the car.  And we share our one car with Andrew during the week.  Tricky, very tricky.  We've been keeping afloat with daily crafts, games, and Little Bear (I love Maurice Sendak).  I'm learning new ways to get them involved in the kitchen, and the concept of "chores" has been introduced.  You relearn what you consider a productive day.  And slowly, slowly begin to appreciate the quiet and simple routines that mark the winter months.  I really like winter.  I like the way we pull inwards and hibernate.  I like all the ways we seek coziness and warmth.  I'm a strange duck, though.  And I'm reminded frequently that you're not supposed to enjoy snow and cold in the Northeast.

By the way, here's a list of some of the crafty things we've been doing around here--in case there are others like me (stay-at-home-barely-sane-mamas):

+ Jello playdoh: 1 C water + 1 C flour + 2 T cream of tartar + 2 T salt + 2 T oil + packet of jello.  Cook on stove till it pulls together into a ball.  Cool.  Then play for weeks!

+ Potato prints: Slice potato in half and wittle any shape feasible.  Cut around the shape.  Use whatever paint is available on heavy paper (I use watercolor paper).

+ Paper bag puppets: Use paper sandwich bags, and color with markers and crayons.  Use the fold for the mouth.  Andrew rocks at this!

+ Wooden bead necklaces: Use either a plastic over-sized needle and yarn or a shoelace.  Knot one end and have them string wooden beads (I found mine at Micheals) till it's long enough to tie into a necklace or bracelet.  I think Madeleine has five right now!

+ Treasure Hunt: In a large bowl, empty a bag of dry beans and 2 Cups of dry rice.  Hide pennies and nickels (or whatever) and give them turns locating their treasure!

+ Snow Candy: Using chocolate syrup or maple syrup, drizzle onto clean snow.  Wait until it hardens.  Scoop it up, break it, eat it!  By the way, your average pancake syrup doesn't harden on the snow, but, it does make for great Snow Cream.  We scooped it up in a bowl and took our spoons to it!

If you have other indoor activities you love to do with your little ones, please share!  I'm always eager to try something new.



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