Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Years and My Lists

I'm listening to Madeleine and William jump from the couch to the chair, from the chair to the couch, repeated a million times.  It's not too far, but, I know that I'm happier not watching, my back to the mad jumping.  This is life with my children.  Sometimes it's best to let them test their wings.  And be there to kiss the boo-boos if they fall.

Christmas has come and gone--in a flurry of wrapping paper and ribbons.  I love this age--magic runs through their blood.  It permeates everything in their world.  And I get to soak it up, belief by proxy.  They woke up at 5AM on Christmas Eve morning.  And on Christmas morning.  And on Boxing Day, too.  Granted, I'm usually up at 4:30 most mornings these days, so I can make it to the Y, but, while on holiday, I dream the dream of a proper lay-in.  New Years Eve was highly comical this year.  I drank my champagne, kissed my sweetheart, and promptly fell asleep at 9PM.  I actually congratulated myself.  The babes woke up at 5AM the next morning.  I can't win.

New Years is one of my favorite holidays.  And it has nothing to do with the champagne and the turning of the calender.  It has everything to do with the new journal I buy.  The shiny new pens in my new leather pen case.  It's the list of goals, dreams, trips, classes, and skills I want to accomplish in the coming year.  Its the holiday for List-Makers!  So, here I go:

1. Take a yoga class--develop my practice
2. Crochet a sweater
3. Learn to sail
4. Photograph a wedding
5. Buy geraniums--keep 'em alive
6. Read one of the Classics per month (any recommendations?)
7. Go camping
8. Grow out my nails
9. Move closer to down town
10. Visit the wineries on the Island

I love these types of lists--send me yours :)  I would adore it!

By the way, we're doing a ton of crafts over here--wooden bead necklaces, chalkboard drawings, sandcastles, chocolate whiskey shortbread, yarn sewing boards!  I love winter for all the cozy crafts we get to do.  Also, we are starting new holiday traditions for our wee family.  We have Christmas chai tea on Christmas Eve after we set out the cookies, milk, and carrots.  And we explore a beach on Boxing Day!  It's wonderfully fun!



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Victoria Strauser said...

On my list for this year is to visit a real flower farm. And learn how to make luscious bouquets like yours. :)

Victoria Strauser said...

Oh and also, what a lovely photo of you and Andrew!

ryan donald said...

It was so good to read your post and the best part of it were the pictures. Even i have a bucket list and i am trying to do as many things as possible . I have always wanted to visit other country alone. That is one of the thing from my list. Keep posting.
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