Saturday, December 6, 2014

Flavors of the Season

Right now I'm soaking up the quiet of a successful nap time.  This happens but rarely.  Sleeping in their bunks, bundled up with their favorite blankies and nuks.  Bliss!  Absolute bliss.  It's funny, up until April, I had the delight of two nappers.  Then William gave up his afternoon nap.  And then two months ago, Madeleine gave up hers.  Oh, the despair!  I think I cried.  Actually, yes, I did cry.  So, we have learned to burn through our afternoons the best we can, limping along.  But, on these rare occasions when they both embrace the "quiet time" and sleep, I thrill.  Oh, that's right, this is how I managed to get my emailing/posting/shop updates done!  This was when I would rest.  When I would recuperate from the busy morning!

We've been making Jello play dough.  Pink walls.  And crocheting mini beanies!  It's been a flavorful month thus far!  And we aren't even half-way!  Hurray!

The weekend after Thanksgiving we travelled to Massachusetts (or simply "Mass" as it's known here), to visit a winery.  There were hay bales, wine tastings, food-fired pizzas, and alpacas!  I think they were alpacas (Victoria, help me out!).  It was a beautiful day.  Chilly, but with heaps of sunshine and good moods all round.  Madeleine snored part of the way home--sign of a good time!


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Victoria Strauser said...

Yes, alpacas!!!!! I can't imagine NOT having nap time/quiet time for you to recuperate each afternoon!