Friday, November 28, 2014

Pink Light

Sometimes the light just works. In a matter of moments the world turns pink, or gold, or just warm.  My mood lifts.  My fingers twitch to photograph it.  To soak it all up.

We went down to Fort Adams the other week with some new friends.  The rocks were like none I've ever seen.  Greens and reds and purples.  Crazy fun!  The fairy glass was fantastic, too.  Smooth turquoise and Coca-cola brown.  The kiddos went exploring and watched the grown-ups skip rocks as the sun went down.

I'm in the process of weaning myself off Facebook, moving into Instagram, and catching up with Etsy stuff.  Holiday time pushes me to shift things up.  I'm drawn to tackling bigger art projects--like Madeleine's Christmas quilt.  And painting!  Both watercolors and my living room wall!  Check out the accent wall on my Instagram account at redottercreative.  I'm planning on quilting William a pillow, too, for Christmas.  Piecing things by hand is therapeutic.  My machine broke down, had a fit, back in June.  So, I've been working slowly, methodically, and carefully.  It's brilliant!  I had no idea that the slower pace would allow me to do better work.  Well, less messy work!


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Victoria Strauser said...

I would love to learn how to piece by hand! I adore hand sewing. Perhaps you'll photograph the process sometime? I also adore the photo of W in the mirror. Perfect.