Thursday, September 25, 2014


There's a chill in the air this morning. Perfect for snuggling in and forgetting about the To Do list.

We continue to find new spots to explore here on the island.  Off the Cliff Walk there are a number of little trails that lead down to the ocean.  Stoney, and a bit treacherous to get there, they are delightful once you arrive.  I couldn't believe the view!  Madeleine collected rocks and William threw them.  I also discovered that M has a fearless climber streak.  Goodness--I would turn around and find her scaling a rock face three times her height!  William, Andrew, and I much prefer our less-intrepid adventuring--involving flat ground, slight inclines, and scooting on our butts.

I'm feeling the urge to start baking shortbread again.  I guess that's a sign I'm settling in.  Dark chocolate coconut?  Maybe a pumpkin spice one?  Or caramel apple?

By the way, I discovered another place I will never let my kids loose without additional help/hands/ducktape: apple orchards.  We went apple picking last weekend, just the kids and I.  I didn't bring our stroller and was kicking myself the moment they escaped the car.  William was racing down the rows of apple trees, dodging in and out, willy-nilly, while M was picking apples off the ground, regardless of bruises or worms, and meandering at her own pace, talking to the fruit.  The tortoise and the hare.  At one point William got frustrated and dumped his bag of apples on the ground and proceeded to take a bite out of each apple and chucking them.  The other place I'll never take the kids again?  Paint Your Own Pottery.  All I can say is that I'm delusional.

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Victoria Strauser said...

Sounds like two handfuls! The photos only show the sweet side. :)