Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back To Good

I'm not sure if there's a term for my style of decorating.  Cluttered Clusters?  Varied Vignettes?  Smoosh  It All Together and Hope It Sticks?  Regardless, almost all of our boxes have been unpacked.  Pictures are up on the wall.  Bunk beds assembled.  Still trying to figure out where everything is in the kitchen.  I think I'll be hunting for my measuring spoons till Christmas.

William and Madeleine were literally ecstatic the morning I pulled into the First Beach parking lot!  Our beach, they cried!  We've reacquainted ourselves with First Beach (white tshirts and swings), explored Second Beach (blue life guard chair and William's pink shovel), and even got a chance to discover a new beach within walking distance of us, on the Navy Base.  We're calling it Shell Beach.  For obvious reasons.  We went back to the library park this weekend, I got a Nutcracker Latte at Empire Tea + Coffee, ate too much pizza at the pizzeria on Memorial Boulevard, and successfully avoided most of the Labor Day tourists.  Though, we're tourists, in a way, too.

The sea air and the sunshine seem to agree with all of us.  It's taken a good week for the kids to settle down.  At least marginally.  William wigs out royally when his surroundings and his routine get upset.  Though, he had no problem meeting new friends where ever he went this past week.  Strange--the people we love the most seem to always get the brunt of the stress, anxiety, and frustration we feel.  I know that's a great deal of William's behavior right now.  Damn, it's a great deal of my behavior right now--sorry Andrew!  One day at a time, I know.  Each day a little nudge back to normal.  Back to good.  Back to calm--mostly.

Sending you love!

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Victoria Strauser said...

I love seeing snippets of your home & life. :)