Monday, August 18, 2014

The Promise of Tomorrow

Oh, the flurry of activity!  Parts I love: the gleeful satisfaction of packing box after box, organizing things along the way, picturing what the new home will be like, and dreaming about the salty sea air.  Parts I don't love: being surrounded by the boxes I have gleefully packed, saying goodbye to friends and family, and wondering how I will possibly have the energy to get to the end of the week.  We move this Thursday and Friday.  Loading up our Uhaul, scrubbing the oven and fridge, giving away some of my plants.  Friday we drive up to Newport.  I will probably sob till New York and then sober up and start planning our first dinner down on the beach with lobster rolls and lemonade.

Chestnut Hill, you have been so good to us.  I have marked the growth of my babies by the mural at Jenks Park.  I have observed the changing of the seasons with the flowers in bloom and the fruits at the farmers market.  We have explored every corner of Morris Arboretum, and even got to do a picnic dinner dance party last Thursday night.  I have walked Germantown Avenue every day, every month, every year for the past four years.  And have reveled in the familiarity of it all.  I can hear my friends telling me how wondrous this new adventure will be, the ocean calling me home, but, I will embrace the melancholy of leaving such a special spot, full of special people.  Seems to be my way.  I'm not afraid of being sad.  Because tomorrow holds so much promise!

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Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

Cheers to new beginnings. I'm sorry I'll miss you during my Philly trip this week :( Save travels and let's catch up soon!