Thursday, June 26, 2014

This Week

It's time for a list.  Because, that's what you do when your brain has turned to mush.  Or you're madly willing productivity into your day.  You know.  Mad mush.


Things about this week:

+ Madeleine, William, and I packed as many fun things into our Monday as we possibly could.  And never left the beach.  We made sand castles, collected floppy crab skeletons, got a large order of beach fries and ate them all, and went on the carousel three times.  And, I didn't get sick.
+ Roses.  Yeah, I talked about them in my last post, but, here they all are.  YUM!
+ Sidewalk chalk on sheets of black paper is so much fun.  And hugely messy.  And that's okay! 
+ I hate disappointing friends.  Sometimes I drop the ball so spectacularly... *shudders*
+ Rain smells so good.  Each season has it's own unique perfume.  I love Summer's scent. 
+ Easiest chicken bites: cut up chicken breasts and place in baking dish.  Pour 1 C salad dressing over all.  Then coat with a mixture of 1 C cornmeal and 1 C Italian Bread crumbs.  Drizzle 3 Tbs of melted butter over it all.  Pop into the oven (425) for a half hour!
+ My brain is mush.  Mush, mush, mush, mush, mush.

I love you all!

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