Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Coming Alive

These pictures are filled with my loves!  My babies, their imagination, their delight in new hats, and old movies.  Cocoa Coconut Banana Muffins, shared with Randy and M in the morning light.  Ranuculas and freesia, filling my dining room with a soft, spring scent.  A book from one of my best friends, recipes from Better Homes and Gardens (fabulous pork roast), Target candles that smell like Anthro's, and messy water color butterflies with a burgeoning artist!

I feel like I'm finally coming alive again.  The warmth and sunshine pull me out and nourish me.  I have a number of Correspondence Booklets to fill and put in the post.  Orders to sew and ship.  I have birthday decorations to make.  And packing to do.  Yes, you read that right.  Packing.  For a two month stint up in Newport, RI.  Andrew has a rotation to do up there for May and June, and we get to tag along.  Eager little tourists we will be.  I'm so excited!

Sending love and sunshine ~


Jillian said...

I can't wait to see the images you post from Rhode Island. Happy packing!

Victoria Strauser said...

the colors! the flowers! precious kids.