Friday, July 19, 2013

The Correspondence Project

The Correspondence Project.  Many, many years ago, I had a friend who wrote me letters in booklet form.  He created the booklets out of paper scraps he had collected over the years.  Manuals, maps, old time book illustrations.  They were simple, but fascinating.  He would write one entry, send it to me, I would write the next, and send it back to him.  It would slowly fill.  I remember loving the art of it all.  So, over Christmas last year, I created three booklets for a few of my favorite penpals.  There were no rules, no time line.  You could write a note, a poem, paste in a picture, or draw some squiggles.  It didn't matter.  What mattered was the joy of filling the pages.  And the post part.  Envelopes, stamps, hand written addresses.  Bliss!  I've slowly sent out more and more booklets to friends near and far.  There's something sweet in the art of a handwritten note--a little piece of you, on the page, offered up like a gift.  I'm putting a few Correspondence Project Booklets up in my shop later today.  Blueberry and Lemonade colors!  Let me know if I can send you one!


Jillian said...

So pretty, Julia! Sending letters back and forth with a dear friend brings such richness to our lives - and we don't even know it . . . until we do it. (I'm a bit behind in my correspondence, I know.) Good luck with these beautiful books.

Cindy said...

i really enjoyed this project and was glad i got to keep it! xo