Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Few Things

A few things:

1. I will drink green juice because it's good for me.  But, I won't like it.  Or, haven't.  Yet.
2. Madeleine is dealing with her first major fever these past two days.  And, honestly, people, nothing makes my heart ache more than the sound of babies crying their "I'm sick" or "I'm hurt" cry.  I turn into jelly and want to cry with them!
3. We have story time every morning after breakfast.  We pile up the pillows in the middle of the living room, pluck at least half a dozen books off the shelf, and delve in.  William gets such a kick out it.  Especially when we cap off with a round of Old MacDonald.  My life is a hugely exciting.  And I love every minute of it.
4. Peonies at Robertson's on the Avenue.  Could make the grumpiest person happy just looking at them!
5. My basil hasn't died.  Yet.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  All of you lovely people!


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Jillian said...

what fun, lovely photos! Bright and cheerful, Julia!