Friday, April 26, 2013


To quote You've Got Mail, "I lead a small life. Well, valuable, but small." And, it seems to have taken me a little while to fall in love with it, but, I do.  Most fervently.  I love the quiet mornings, when it's just me, my mug of tea, and my lists.  I love when the babies get up and chaos rules (well, mostly).  I love watching William's sense of humor shining through--notice, Radar, his puppy dog, wearing my sunglasses.  I love watching Madeleine try and pull herself up--getting into a whole different kind of trouble.  I love the small spaces I get to put my things, out-of-reach hopefully.  I love the routines that make up our days and the sense of accomplishment I get just remembering to put deodorant on before I walk out the door.  Trust me, it's the little things.  I promise you, it's not all sunshine and giggles, but, today, I feel that sense of value welling up inside of me, and I'm thankful.


Gaby said...

love this sweet simple post x

Jillian said...

well said, Julia. Well said.