Thursday, March 21, 2013

What I'm Loving

Mostly due to the fact that I'm juggling way too many things right now, and my brain feels incapable of forming complete sentences--really good at run-on sentences, though--and because I haven't done a What I'm Loving post in a while, and lastly, because, when all else fails, make a list, here you go:

What I'm Loving:
+ Painting my bedroom chair the palest of pale pinks.  When I was sanding it down, I could smell a faint smoke-smell.  I had forgotten that my grandparents were chain-smokers--this chair was inherited by my father, and then by me.  The chair actually goes with the set of drawers I painted rain drop blue last month.  I mostly like how it turned out.  Mostly!
+ Baby M is officially on the move.  I'll go into the kitchen and hear something rattle on our wood floor and jump!  How did she get over there so fast?  Oh. My. Gosh.  She just opened up my Hope Chest drawer and is looking inside.  I'm in so much trouble.  By the way, she's starting early with her love of glossy magazines.
+ My handsome husband is now a Naval Officer.  I'm not surprised that he wanted to join back up--he had spent 9 years in the National Guard and military service has been ingrained.  But, he switched military branches.  That's kind of a big deal in the military.  You don't really do it!  But, he's one smart cookie, and it was a strategic move that will benefit us all.  And, I have to say, he looks amazing in his blue BDUs (battle dress uniform).
+ Pink heather and blue skies.  When you're out on walks every day, you notice the seasons and their flowers.  You notice which blooms are the first to poke their little heads up through the frozen earth or frizzle in quiet beauty in the side gardens.  You also notice that blue skies mean different things as the seasons change.  In the winter, blue sky meant cold.  Like frickin' cold.  Clouds were a blanket and allowed for easier outdoor enjoyment.  But, once the spring comes, blue skies mean sunshine.  And sunshine, often, means warmth!


Emily said...

Wow, congrats to Andrew!! So excited for your little family!! I so admire your unceasing optimism and observation of the little things in life. Beautiful words as always!! xoxo

Jillian said...

What a warm and lovely post, Julia. Love the chair - especially the pattern of the fabric. Congrats to Andrew! (I agree those uniforms are quite appealing.)If they would just stay home and wear them I wouldn't complain a bit.

Cindy said...

i love painting furniture. lie. i love how painted furniture looks once it's been painted, preferably by somebody else. i usually go with whites, but love, love your colors.

congratulations to andrew and to you. sounds like you all might be on the move in one way or another!

xo, c

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

a big congrats to you guys! that's fantastic news, and i'm sure you are so proud of andrew!

love the chair too!