Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grandma Alba

A favorite delight: commissioned work.  Particularly when it's commissioned by a dear friend!  We have a variety of adopted grandparents in our apartment building, but Grandma Alba is special to us.  She seems to get such a kick out of the little ones.  She's been there to watch them grow and change the three years we've been here, marveling along the way.  William can do no wrong and Baby M is in danger of being scooped up and eaten entirely!  So, when Alba came down to request a silhouette of herself for her children, I was thrilled!  She wanted the silhouettes to be petite and able to be set up on a flat surface.  She let me be creative.  I covered these little books with beautiful Japanese paper, printed the silhouettes on cream card stock and attached them with black photo corners.  Each book opens easily and is able to stand like a picture frame.  I drew a periwinkle feather for her note and tied them up with moss green ribbon.  M and I delivered them to her on her birthday (93) this past Saturday!  She loved them!

As I was creating Alba's silhouette books, I created another one for my friend Jess of her two little boys.  Let me just say, trying to get little boys to stay still, and in profile, is tricky.  Very tricky!

PS Just out of curiosity, do you do anything to get the creative juices flowing each week?  A little project or task or mental-workout?

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Jillian said...

Julia - these are great! They have an old fashioned feel . . . but are totally modern with that pretty paper and ribbon. What a special keepsake.