Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring Walk

A spring walk through Chestnut Hill affords many delights.  The sunshine, although not particularly warm, is bright.  So bright, Superman needs shades.  I've never actually put my sunglasses on William, but he was enthralled and kept them on most of the walk.  Funny dude.  We saw Witch Hazel blooming, like curried coconut.  Purple and yellow crocus bulbs shooting through the ground.  And fuzzy buds on trees that "tick--ooed" when you touched it.  M kept a running commentary through the walk.  Till the end, when she became a heavy, soft, weight on my back. 


Jillian said...

Oh, spring is going to come after all! Thank you for letting us join you on your walk.

Gaby said...

wow, this looks like such a picturesque neighbourhood, just lovely x

Victoria Strauser said...

Looks so much "spring-ier" there than here! We just received 6" of snow. Hopefully winter's last "hoorah." Love the cape and sleeping baby.