Monday, February 4, 2013

Madeleine's Quilt

Madeleine's quilt!  I really wanted to show off the beauty of the fabric--Heather Bailey, I love your fabrics.  And, I didn't really want to cut out another 100 piece quilt, like William's--cue Mommy Guilt.  But, I don't think M minds.  I simply quilted long, wiggly, lines down the length of the fabric.  The backside is a cozy blue fleece, so it'll be warm for baby girl.  I edged it in blue satin.  It's as amateur as it gets.  But, I have this sense of glee when I spread it out for M to play on.  It's so Springy.  Yes, "Springy" is a word.

I'll quilt her a pillow.  And subdue the Mommy Guilt.


Cindy said...

the quilt is wonderful and almost as beautiful as madeleine!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

It's beautiful!! and it looks like she quite likes it!

Victoria Strauser said...

It's lovely! As is Madeleine of course!