Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Crafty Projects

My list of crafty projects keeps growing.  Crochet M a winter hat, make William a quilted pillow for his bed, start M's playtime quilt (Heather Bailey fabric), make soy candles, start little notebook project with girlfriends.  I get this ridiculous sense of glee every time I finish one of them.  Picture me doing a little happy dance.  I finished Madeleine's winter hat yesterday.  I added a green tassel to the top.  I can see it swinging when we go for our morning walks, her bouncing in the Ergo behind me!


Anonymous said...

M is so incredibly gorgeous, Jewels. Those eyes kill me!

Victoria Strauser said...

Oh my sweetness! Of course you're doing a happy dance with that little beauty bouncing her tassel behind you!