Saturday, January 19, 2013


Pink tulips, handmade soy candles, lemony lotion, deep blue yarn, spring-like patterns, cigar boxes, and a cooing, rolling, almost-crawling, baby girl.  Learning to live spherically.  Trying to engage all of my senses.  And relishing what I find along the way.  Part of learning to trust myself involves taking my day and finding the beauty within it--as cliche as it sounds (you see that Hallmark card on your fridge, too, right?).  Trusting that the beauty will be there--I do have the eyes to see it, I do.  And, by golly, there are mornings that are too raw, too cold, too bleak, to find the beauty anywhere but at the bottom of my third mug of tea.  But, it's there, even in the dregs!  


Cindy said...

looks pretty from here!

Victoria Strauser said...

"even in the dregs..." I love it! Good reminder. It has been difficult for me lately to see beauty as I am tired of extreme cold, clouds and - yes - snow!