Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Simple Life

We live a simple life.  In a small apartment.  With a meager budget.  And yet...  And yet there's so much fullness, so much beauty and wonder in our lives.  There are some days when I fret and worry over all that we don't have--those are bleak, small days.  But, when I focus on all that we do have, I'm speechless.  I have the privilege of spending every day with my babies.  I get to see their faces when they discover something new.  I get to hear their exclamations of wonder and delight.  I get to see them grow.  And I get to care for them, raise them, guide them.  That alone is incredible. 


Cindy said...

being a mom is the hardest job in the world and most important. and, just be happy you don't have ugly kids. imagine that :)? enjoy your weekend! xo, c

Victoria Strauser said...

"when I focus on all that we do have, I'm speechless..." so true!