Monday, July 16, 2012

Someday List

Your Someday List!  I think we all have one, written or not.  It wasn't until I was ambling through my Pinterest feed that I realized that so many of my "somedays" were pictured in the pins that I had on my boards.

+ grow out my nails and paint them pink
+ have a room devoted to my studio
+ buy a French Press coffee maker
+ learn how to cook seafood

I feel like it's vital to keep this Someday List active.  It brings perspective in dark moments and also brings immense satisfaction when I get to check one off!  I was surprised by the desire to write up my list just a few weeks after Madeleine was born, though.  Wasn't I supposed to be in the throes of new babydom?  I think it was that core part of me calling out--saying, yes, you are fully Mama, and yet, you are still this adventurer, planner, and dreamer, too! 


Victoria Strauser said...

Yes!! I call mine a Bucket List and have been blessed to cross off several items over the past year. I think it really does inspire :)

Cindy said...

i don't know being a mom seems like the greatest adventure, but it's important to have interests and goals beyond your kids. some people don't and they seem kind of sad living through their children. right now my someday list is all about getting rid of stuff and then we can do fun things like travel!