Monday, February 6, 2012


I was awash in pink last week. After my last blog post Andrew came home with pink roses. Then on Friday my mum and dad sent me pink tulips. Yes, I am one of those woman who's whole day can be transformed by a single blossom. Whether I buy them for myself or they are generously given to me, I love them.

Side note: Madeleine has grown so much this past week that she is now tickling my ribs. I can't tell you how weird it feels. Kind of uncomfortable, too, but it's a happy sort of experience. I seem to make wiggle worms, dancers, bouncers and movers. William couldn't help but jig around in there. Madeleine isn't about to be outdone by her older brother.



Callie Grayson said...

Nice! I love flowers too especially pink ones

Cindy said...

i'm glad you received some blossome to make you feel better and who wouldn't with pinks. xo, c

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Love the pink flowers!Pink is one of my favourites.