Sunday, May 1, 2011

William's Walk

These vibrant beauties are all over Chestnut Hill! God bless the azalea!

Birthdays are like personal New Years to me--mine was yesterday. They are a time to reflect on the year gone by and dream about the year ahead. Because I'm feeling less than eloquent this morning, I will rely on my handy lists this morning!

Things I've learned this year:
1. I'm much stronger than I thought!
2. Having a baby has changed the very core of me--I can't describe it nor can I deny it.
3. Love must be cultivated, nurtured and respected.
4. We are fickle beings but there are things that are constant. Family being one of them.
5. I believe. I believe in myself, I believe in unconditional love, I believe in the power of kind words, a soft touch and forgiveness. I believe in a spiritual essence in all that is about me.

Dreams for the coming year:
1. I crave spiritual understanding and will try to cultivate that.
2. I want to make yoga more of daily practice.
3. I want to try and understand my quick temper and figure out a better way to vent.
4. I want to stretch my definition of love and "falling in love" and all that lies between.
5. I want to try and enjoy the moment, those precious moments, with William--for they are so fleeting!

Definitely more abstract in nature--but I'm really looking forward to the coming year and all that it holds. I'm almost positive that my therapist thinks I'm still in recovery from the major life changes I have survived this year--so I'm trying to be kind to myself. It's so hard for me to be present in my daily life as I'm perpetually thinking of what's next--it's that incessant "productive, productive, productive" nature of mine. But, it's good when I am present. It's a very sensual experience--the world interacting with me. And I understand more and more how important being nurtured that way is for me. I'm a sensual being. I mean that more in a "senses" way--not so much the "sexy" way--though I am that too. I never would have though that this past year would have held so much! Thank you for walking through it with me!



Paper Heart Girl said...

Beautiful post and uplifting sentiments :) xxxx

Kate said...

Happy new year indeed. :)

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

happy birthday, darling Julia! love your handy lists! xo

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

oh my! How selfish of me! Happy, happy birthday to you darling! Sorry I neglected to mention it yesterday!

Shelley said...

happy, happy birthday!

Victoria Strauser said...

Beautiful post sweetie, and a belated b-d to you! We were in Madison wishing you still lived there! Hugs!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Jewels!! I hope this year is more inspiring and lovely than all the others combined! May you find new creative outlets to push the bounds of your mind and spirit!! xoxo