Monday, March 21, 2011

William's Walk

On one of William's Walks last week we decided to snap a few pictures of spring. It's happening! After having spent most of my grown life in the northern reaches of the Midwest it feels incredible to have spring this early in the year. I'm used to having snow showers in April. And it nearly sleeted on our wedding in Duluth at the end of May. That's what I'm used to. Not warm sunshine and spring beauties peeking through mid-March! But I love it! Just love it!



Joyce said...

Spring is definitely in your corner. xo

cindy said...

i love all the spring blooms you and william found ... they suit you! love your pics!

picciolo said...

What pretty pictures, spring is arriving here too!
: )

Emily said...

Heavenly blooms! Oh how I cherish this time of year!

Victoria Strauser said...

So jealous! As you know, it's still winter here, with fresh snow on the ground. Ugh!

linea pelle said...

wonderful flowers!
thanks for sharing 0_0

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blue moss said...

hope you are well

Promotional Pens said...

Very nice pics!... So ready for spring and all of the beauty that it brings!