Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Tradition

I'm already thinking about my New Years journal session--the one where I sit down with a steaming cup of tea, my blue ball point pen, a new journal and record some of my new year aspirations. Yes, I'm a sucker for this tradition. It's a list--right? And I love lists. Ridiculously so. It also helps me focus on the things that have been milling around my brain for the past couple of weeks. Things like new music, new explorations, creative endeavors, friendships. Sometimes, if the mood is right and the pen writes smoothly, things start unfolding on the pages of my journal. Dreams start taking shape--maybe a little fuzzy around the edges, but they're there. And the steps to accomplish them slowly appear. Slowly. It's good.

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Emily said...

Love this description of your New Year's journaling for I do something very similar myself! There is something so special about planning and starting anew with the birth of another year! Happy New Year, my friend!!

Joyce said...

I like your journal idea. I too like to write my thoughts down. I'm sure your pages will fill up soon with wonderful dreams and ideas! xo

Vana said...

this is such a wonderful tradition. We are making a new one this year. Can't wait to share it on a future post.