Sunday, October 10, 2010

William's Walk

On William's Walk this morning with Papa. William spends most of his time looking up into the trees, I'm sure he didn't notice this beautiful hydrangea, but I did. It's been a quiet weekend filled with good food, Fall Fest down town, and some quality book making. Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend, too!

PS the hydrangea is for Cindy, who is "a little bit delicate and curious" and always beautiful!


Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Julia, that image is sooo beautifl! And so perfectly fall. I hope you are doing well. Is William really walking already? Tell me he's still in a stroller and that time hasn't flown that fast!

So nice to hear from you!

xo Mary Jo

Hello Lindello said...


Happy to see you and William are getting out and enjoying the day. I hope to meet the little mister someday!

Victoria Strauser said...

Gorgeous flowers, I love them. A nice tribute to your friend, too.

cindy said...

Thank you dear and your weekend sounds as lovely as your wonderful photo.

Krissy said...

aw, how sweet! love the photo!