Thursday, October 21, 2010

Add some hot chai

I found this shop over on Etsy--the images seem to capture so many of the things I love about fall. I can almost smell the damp earthiness and feel the chill in the air as the sun sinks low. Add some hot chai, my wooly socks and a hoody and I'm a happy girl.

We head back home from our trip to Minnesota tomorrow night. I feel like I've learned so much. Maybe it wasn't the most relaxing trip--not quite a "vacation"--but it's been good in many different ways. I think William now recognizes his grandparents and smiles and coos for them--makes everything worth it in the end!

Sending love,


Joyce said...

Happy travels! xo

Hello Lindello said...

Drive safe!!

Agnes said...

great to have four seasons ,we have summer all year round in S.E. Asia