Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Favorites

1. Sans titre by audfild
2. Russian tea cakes from FortuneCookieCafe
3. Pink frosting wrap by bonzie
4. Imogene tags by fieldandsea

It's Friday, happy day! It feels like it's been a long week and I'm very excited to have the weekend waiting in the wings. It's like an oasis, shimmery and filled with possibility. Yesterday the beautiful Tina from Luphia loves gave me an award *does a little dance* thank you so much, deary! The honest award requires ten honest tid bits about myself, so here it goes:

1. Cadbury fruit and nut chocolate bars are my favorite
2. I used to work for an educational childrens book design company
3. The oldest of three girls
4. Lived in OK, MI, IL, WI, MN and OH
5. Hate the feeling of cotton balls
6. Owned a Backstreet Boys CD *gasp*
7. Cab Sav is my favorite wine
8. Was diagnosed with hypo-thyroid at 15
9. Bite my nails during scary movies or stressful road trips
10. Dream of attending a yoga instructors school

I'm nominating these wonderful people for the Honest award :) I love your blogs, your shops, your style and your love for life:

Heart of Light
Quaint Handmade
Paper Schmaper
Design Lovely


Blair said...

It has been a long week. Oh those tags are beautiful!

You have lived in quite a few states! I am definitley share your love of Cab (and for the back street boy CD ownership)!

Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said...

This week was endless... Always love your Friday favorites, Julia!

Have you ever tried Malbec? If not, do so... it's my favorite!

Rachel said...

I love Cadbury fruit and nut bars too!

Thanks for the tag, dear. I'll respond soon.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

beautiful picks!

loved your tag answers too, fruit and nut is definitely my fav too, also makes it a little more healthy right? ;)

cindy : quaint said...

i hope you get to do #10! love your choices and will work on my list. thanks and have a nice weekend! xo, c

Rachel Mallon said...

Haha, I owned (notice the past tense) a Backstreet Boys CD too! Loved finding out more about you and thanks so much for the tag!

Karen said...

Mmm...Cab Sav...I could go for some of that right now!

Joyce said...

The cookies look tasty!
Thank you for sharing a little of you.
Have a golden weekend!

wunderbug said...

as a lover of all things donut, i must say that i love these lil cookies (and the picture is SO delicious looking!)

i didnt know you had hypo-thyroidism! is that overactive or under? my sister was just diagnosed with one of them, i can never remember which one. do you mind if i ask what you're using to help manage it?

Rachel Mallon said...

P.S. I just tagged you in a “challenge.” See my most recent post and if you’d like, play along. (dwellings and decor)

●• Tiny Red said...

cadbury fruit nuts??? one of my faves too!

hope you had a nice weekend dear :)

Krissy said...

fun! im a fan of the cadbury dairy bar, but the fruit and nut one is yummy!

(p.s. how's the pigeon going?)

knack said...

awesome friday favorites!! the tags.... xo