Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Favorites

1. Dear Diary by pepperminte
2. Snow from BeadsBySam
3. Small Hollyhock leaf by hrsmithjones
4. Used from f2images

Okay, I have a tricky question to ask you: what is preventing you from following a dream or diversifying your art/business/craft? What is holding you back? I know that finances, responsibilities, and time seem to hold a lot of my dreamy dreams at bay, but there are other things that are keeping me from pursuing other crafts, other ventures and venues. Like fear. Competition. Lack of time to "brew" an idea.

What about you?


Callie Grayson said...

it's lack of time for me!
I wish there was more time
to paint like i used to
do more crochet to sell (i do mostly charity work with my crochet)

paula said...

i am not very good at failing, so i always want the idea or skill to be perfect which seems to continually push my plans back. i seem to say "maybe one day" more than i should.

ThePeachTree said...

Okay, I totally have two of these four in my favorites :)

Happy New Year, Love!!

Amber said...

Conflicting desires. Fear of sacrificing one lifestyle for another as often times a desire of the heart is unable to coexist with a desire of the head or of the rational. In a perfect world a balance of the two would be attainable.

On a funny side note, my word verification is rogane. Is this a sign of bad hair days to come?

●• Tiny Red said...

the 'never enough' time bit is always a tricky one but has to somehow make time for the things that are important to us, wouldn't you agree??

alll the best for 2009 dearie!
and big thanks for your lovely birthday comment. just got it :) you're a gem!

wunderbug said...

ditto! ditto! yes, yes, yes!

competition is a biggie. but you know what? chances are that most other people have already done something similar to what i've done/am doing/want to do, but you know what? they didn't do it *like me*. you can't compare yourself with others, because you're apples and they're oranges.

or vice versa.

either way, you're not them and they're not you. you have your own style and set of abilities and preferences and tastes - so i've been gravitating to the thought, lately, that i may like someone's style for one reason, but the feel of someone else's art for an entirely different one. that unique little difference about you is what will draw your buyers in to your work specifically, no matter the medium or craft. it's a pretty sweet thought, isn't it?

you have such a keen eye for colour and design and from what i can tell of you in getting to know you, it's pretty consistently always 'jewels'. it reflects your personality and who you are... so whatever ideas you've got brewing in your pretty head, go for it. jump in. i can pretty much guarantee that it'd be different enough from the 'competition' that you'll find a market for it.

and aside from that, if you're having fun doing it, the rest doesn't matter. your style will continue to develop and you'll grow as an artist along the way.

xo - happy new years darling!

Design Lovely said...

If I ever make it to Madison I will have to take up on your offer. :) As usual I am swooning for your friday favorites. Number 1 and 4 I am especially swooning for. Gorgeous!

Rachel said...

Beautiful images?
I've been pondering this question a lot lately. For me, it comes down to lack of time and fear. I love the stability of my job, but it doesn't leave me much time to be creative like I'd like to be. So I'm short of time, but leaving my job is too scary.

cindy : quaint said...

it's so interesting when a creative person with a great eye such as yourself raises issues like these. it would never occur to me that you dealt with some of them and i feel like i want to tell you that you shouldn't, but it's not that easy.

i can relate to many of the issues you've listed, but fear is probably the most restrictive. i've been trying for a long time to find a creative outlet that comes 'naturally' to me and i might have found it with photography. but, i always feel i must spend countless hours/$$ educating myself before i can be considered credible. education is important, but there are many fine artists who are self taught and i really can't justify spending a $1,000 on a class for something that is a hobby at this point. the other area i worry about is that i won't be able to sustain something creatively in a fresh 'new' way. and finally, there's the issue of will anybody care and find my work appealing.

having said all of that, i still try and work hard at whatever i'm pursuing because i usually enjoy it and you don't get anywhere without trying.

Genie Sea said...

In the end, I realized, there is only one thing holding me back, and that's me. :)

beth said...

Oh I wish mine was time. That I fortunatly have plenty of. Mine is fear.

Fear of committing to just ONE thing and staying committed to it, fear of exposing myself and, well... fear of success as odd as that sounds.

I read a great mantra once that I try to repeat often.

-when fear is holding you back, step away from the situation and realize that it is only the emotion of fear making you feel this way. Then simply decide if you want that emotion to be in control of your happiness and success or not.-

Somedays it is, but some days I choose to not let IT decide.

Brittany Noel said...

Mine is definitely time. Also, I don't think I've found exactly what I want to do. Going to school has opened up so many possibilities, I can't decide. But, time is huge. It's funny because I don't have the time to do a lot of things that I want because of school, but it's going to CCS and being a Fiber Design major that is allowing me to do all of these new things! So conflicted... I want to do more than just my homework (I can't sell my homework until after the spring show!), but homework comes first and I get a lot of it! Oh well...

We'll get it figured out, right?

Vana said...

this is a great post Jewels. I would have to say lack of time. I never have enough time to do what i want to do with my craft/business. I think if i had it any other way, my family might be struggling with my decision...if this makes any sense at all. I think where i am right now is where i want to be but i am excited about the future and knowing that i always look for ways to grow, that makes me happy!!!

pve design said...

I want to have my illustrations in a book or on some wall for all to enjoy - and I aim to accomplish this. Live in the present, each day is a gift and fear only
lies in the future.
There are many that have done great things with a shoe-string budget and a mind.
Nothing stopping me. No excuses, or regrets.
Carpe diem!

Laura B said...

What a beautiful selection! Last year fear, disorginisation and dis belief in my self held me from realising my dreams and ambitions. But this is now a new year and things are going to be different, I am in charge of my destiny and I can achieve anything if I work really hard and focus and I'm sure that you will do the same! (I am trying to talk other half into cleaner, chef, gardener, and dog walker to help me in my pursuit, but feel he may not agree!!!)

please sir said...

I'm so with you. My finances have been holding me back along with utter fear. I guess the fear of failing and losing more money. I think fear is the hardest hurdle. Great topic to explore - on a happier note hope you had a wonderful new years!

nichole said...

Time, time, timity, time. Just time. Oh how I wish there were more hours in the day!

Kimberlee said...

A beautiful new year to you Julia. Oh you ask the difficult questions, don't you! Something very much on my mind at the moment, still trying to work out the answer.

But in the mean time, stunning images! xx