Monday, December 29, 2008

Forward momentum, intention and perspective

These peaceful images are from the artist behind the habit of being. I found her searching through favorites on flickr this morning. I look at them and feel soothed. They say surround yourself with beauty, simple and sweet, and you will be rewarded. They say that natural light streaming into your living space can be the most beautiful assessory. That the littlest stone or shell picked up on your walk can be the highlight of the day. I realize that the dust of Christmas has barely had time to settle, but my mind is already turning towards the new year. I'm thinking about what this past year has held for me, particularly the concepts of forward momentum, intention and perspective. I'm thinking about what this new year will hold as I take these tools and act upon them. So, with these thoughts and the tranquil images floating through my mind, I'll be curious to see what gets scribbled out onto my journal tonight!


Lizzy said...

Very soothing indeed!

please sir said...

Love these images - just what you need after a hectic holiday!

Genie Sea said...

Forward momentum, intention and perspective. Exactly! I too have my mind set to the New Year, :)

Miss Aimee said...

very very beautiful images. happy writing!

Callie Grayson said...

excellent post my friend! wishing you the happiness and fruitful year ever!

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

These are such beautiful images, I could just look at them for hours! Thank you for the reminder to keep it tranquil and simple. It's so easy to go the other way.

Wishing you much peace and happiness in the New Year!

xo Mary Jo

Rachel said...

So peaceful and just what is needed after a hectic holiday season. They are inspiring me to get my house in order and then just lie around drinking tea.

Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said...

So beautiful images, Julia! Just what we need on these crazy, frantic holidays!
Have a peaceful, lovely, wonderful New Year 2009, darling!

cindy : quaint said...

beautiful images, as always. happy new year to you both!

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paula said...

it's nice to slow down a bit. thank you for the inspiration to do so.

Brittany Noel said...

These photos are so nice to just look at. I would love prints of these in my bedroom to calm me down before I sleep. All of these blog posts I'm reading about the new year remind me that it is here! I better prepare.

Mrs.French said...

oh my...these are the loveliest of brain vacations..xo t

nicole said...

hi, there! I am so, so humbled that you would include my photographs on your beautiful blog, but - would you mind asking my permission beforehand next time? they're awfully personal to me, and I just like to keep track of where they're headed online. don't feel that you have to delete this post, though.

thank you kindly!

TheDecoDetective said...

Hi, I found you via Belle Maison. This is a lovely post! I'm looking for more nice blogs to visit (even if it takes too much of my time already...). I'll definitely revisit yours!
Happy New Year!
Best wishes,

ambika said...

These are definitely thoughts to keep in mind as a very hectic month comes to an end.

I recall finding her blog right before she took a hiatus in posting. I'm glad to see she's still very active on flickr.

pve design said...

So lovely and utterly simple, causes one to reflect what is beautiful is truly lies in nature - going forth with a nice momentum.

Anonymous said...

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