Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday Favorites

Good morning! I feel like a new person! Thank you all for the well wishes, I have no doubt they helped, greatly :) I'm in the process of trying to determine exactly what prompt these migraines. I've started my food diary and have great plans on reducing heavy exposure to sun and getting ample amounts of sleep. Those seem to be the triggers. Any one else have any recommendations on prevention, or triggers to consider?

I get to go to Duluth this weekend! I'm so excited :) We're going up for a baby shower, but I have plans on hitting the beach on Park Point and the Brewhouse. The Brewhouse, my dears, have the BEST veggie burgers and pub fries. They are divine. Worth throwing the diet out the window for! I'll try my best to remember the camera so you guys can see what I see!

one: Be still, from livinginfreedom
two: Brown felt retro hat, by RetroReproHandmade
three: Dishcloth trio, from MyissaG
four: Woodgrain satchel by keykalou

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend :)


Krissy said...

Loving your Friday picks and so glad you are feeling better. I think the journal is the best way to go. Do you wear glasses? I had some that induced headaches a while back... just a thought.

Have a lovely weekend :)

Melissa said...

I am glad to hear your headache is gone. I used to get a lot of headaches. I ended up cutting my hair. It was really long. Anyhow after cutting my hair the headaches went away. Sometimes caffien can be a factor in headaches to.

Thank you for iuncluding my dishcloths in your Friday picks!
What a wonderful surprise.

please sir said...

Hi - I get migraines too, and it seems like anything can trigger them. Food, too much caffeine, not enough sleep, or too much sun. While you are figuring out your triggers I would highly recommend Zomig medicine. They are expensive, but I take half a pill when I feel a migraine coming on. They work pretty fast, but they do make you feel a little drowsy, but at least I'm able to still work and not want to be under my bed with no noise or lights! Oh, also another big thing is hormones...I always seem to get one around "that time." There are several books about eating foods for migraines. I haven't tried any, but I'm sure google will give some results. Good luck!

Leah said...

love those green polka-dots in the bag!

i get migraines too as you know. i think they're triggered by different things. i know i always get a migraine around the time i get my period (yay!), low blood sugar (waiting too long to eat something) can also trigger one. too much sun can do it. and sometimes if i'm really stressed (i think it leads to tight muscles in my neck which seems to trigger more migraines. if i can catch them in time, excedrin migraine (which is the same as extra strength excedrin: aspirin and caffeine.) sometimes, i don't know what the heck is causing them. i've used acupuncture in the past and it really did help decrease the number of migraines i had when i was getting them way too often at one point. hope that helps! xoxox

Karen said...

Love your picks!

I get headaches constantly... sometimes for days and weeks at a time and I have yet to figure out what causes them. Though, sometimes a combination of things can do it, not just one trigger at a time. I should be more diligent about it -- hopefully your journal will help!

A Print A Day said...

argh. migraines. i get those every once in a while, and when i do, i don't feel like getting out of bed.

i have to go through the rest of your blog. i missed your posts.

littlebyRD said...

Cute picks! I love the dish cloths. Uhgg - I get the migraines too. for me it is lack of sleep that really triggers them. Also when I switch between glasses and contacts too much and I've noticed a connection to seasonal allergies. I just tried excedrin migraine for the first time and it worked well. Glad you are feeling better!

Jude said...

Goodness! Wait until you see the mailing label for your notebook (you'll immediately understand).

Glad you're better. I used to suffer from debilitating migraines and do still get one on occasion. I never pinpointed what the problem was, but my doctor was liberal with the Imitrex!

wunderbug said...

that woodgrain satchel is killer!

it seems that i'm the only one in the world who doesn't suffer from migraines. lucky me, huh?

i hope you get the chance to relax and enjoy your weekend, it most definitely seems like you've got a great one planned! (beaches are always the best medication!)

Tizzalicious said...

I hope the food diary will give you some insight.

I get a lot of migraines too, and I haven't quite figured out what causes them, apart from stress, and doing well...anything that's not doing nothing.

My mom gets migraines from old cheese (like Frencg cheeses and stuff), and red whine is bad too!

Plus caffeine of course.

Pindar443 said...

All of these suggestions help me out a ton! THANK YOU THANK YOU! It's amazing to me how many of us get migraines, I had no idea! Courtney, darling, consider yourself lucky :)

I'm off for the weekend, sending you all love and hugs!

picciolo said...

I'm glad you are feeling better, sounds like both of us are well and truely fed up with migraines! Good luck with the food diary
: )

Robin said...

I feel your pain and the food journal is a good idea. I kept one and that's how I found out raw onions are my trigger. My potato salad lost a little zing but I don't want to unscrew my head anymore so that's not a bad tradeoff.

Laura B said...

Glad you are feelin better and hope you have a wonderful weekend! Love your Friday Favourites :)

Jaimee said...

So glad you're feeling well.
I've been getting severe migraines for 15 years now and have tried TONS of preventions. I now go to the Jefferson Headache Center in Philadelphia and they've been able to help me a great deal.

One of the best things they've given me is called Petadolex and believe it or not, it's "natural" I have no idea why it works better than any of the triptans and more serious drug but it's worked wonders for me.

I can tell you more without monopolizing your blog entries.
Please feel free to email me any time... spinlady (at) aol (dot) com.

The Lil Bee said...

Loving soft!

Have you considered allergies as the cause? I know it sounds strange, but I suffered with migraines for years and we realized long afterwards that it was seasonal allergies that went untreated.

Hope you're feeling better;)

risamay said...

Two and Three are so me.

I'm glad you're feeling better. I don't get migraines often, but oh boy. The few I've had ... I feel for you.

Jessie Cacciola said...

love #2's coat. ;)