Thursday, June 5, 2008


I woke up this morning, twice, to unusually terrific noises.  The first time was to a tremendous crash of thunder from a storm rolling through, the second, to the sound of a gigantic snore coming from . . . me *blushes*  I didn't know I snored, well, at least that loud (Meg, I know you're just rolling your eyes, of course I snore loudly, of course I do)!  Anyways, suffice to say it was a porous morning's sleep.
Usually I've been doing a Thursday YooHoo for various favorite artists!   Today, I'm YooHoo-ing 7 favorites :)  

1. Damask, wooden postcard from Paper Schmaper
2. Homemade strawberry marshmellows by sweetiepiesdelight
3. Ladybug mini from fing
4. My Wellies from IndianaBlue 
6. Little Red from Michelemaule
7. Blueberry Wine from the lovely Peach Tree

Also, don't forget to put your name in the 100th post give-away!  I'll be drawing a winner on Saturday :)


wunderbug said...

it's ok jewels - i snore myself awake sometimes too. just be glad that it didnt happen while having fallen asleep on the bus! (.. not like it's ever happened to me...*cough*)

Blueberry wine is absolutely gorgeous (and what a nice pic too!), and the mini ladybug is so stinkin cute! augh!

great picks today - high five!

(sorry, i need to lay off on the exclamation marks.)

littlebyRD said...

Lovely picks - each and every one of them!

Art Kitten said...

This is my favorite yoohoo so far! Wonderful picks, Jewels! I of course love love Michelle Maule's typewriter, but I think they all look so cohesive together! Yay!

Hedgewitch said...

I love the way you described 'a porous morning's sleep!

diana @ please sir said...

The wellie one is great!

The Peach Tree said...

Aw shuckers *blush* thanks Ms. Otter Pants!!

By far one of my favorite noises are those of thunderstorms over head. Nothing like the crash and flash of mother nature :)

Oh, and I could here your snoring over here!!

lotta said...

I just don't believe you would snore... Love your yoohoo and many congrats on 100 posts.

Krissy said...

Aw, Thanks for the LUV! All of the picks are lovely :)

Tizzalicious said...

I love all your picks!

Hehe, my mom always wakes up from her own snores :o

Laura B said...

Lovely selection, I'm going to head over and check out the sites now too. And I snore too, but my bo could sleep through a truck comming through the wall so he hasn't realised yet!!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

My first time visitng, I thoroughly enjoyed your "Yoohoo", great picks!