Thursday, May 8, 2008


Good morning! I'm writing early, early this morning! I had plans on posting my new journal creations, but alas, I haven't discovered the knack of putting the camera back on the charger after I'm done using it. Tisk, tisk! But, hopefully I'll have something to show this weekend.

This will be my Thursday YooHoo: sarahjanestudios, Addie and Ella play tea party!

Confession: for my seventeenth birthday I put on a tea party! I had a handful of girlfriends who thought it was the most brilliant idea, another small handful who thought I was being ridiculous, a tea party? at 17? It was fun though! We all dressed up, had an assortment of tea sandwiches, hot tea, lemonade, scones, and cream puffs. It was the prettiest ordeal too, with all of our floral dresses and skirts and elegant tea cups and saucers. I think we watched That Thing You Do afterwards, which wasn't entirely Tea Party-ish, but fun!


Waterrose said...

Tea parties are great...and seems to be big business here in Phoenix.

picciolo said...

what a beautiful illustration, I love it. Your tea party sounds like great fun, how wonderful that you all dressed up! And thanks for having me in your etsy favourites!
: )

design for mankind. said...

awwww, i would have loved to come to your 17-yr-old tea party! :)

Anonymous said...

What fun! I love tea parties! Goodness!! :)

Anonymous said...