Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tealan's Shop of Paintings

One of the artists from PaPaYa, over at Liquid Sky Arts, posted this link to a shop with affordable, LARGE paintings! Gorgeous paintings! I keep dreaming about that studio space of mine. I think there will be walls full of artwork, shelves full of books, and plenty of nooks and crannies to place special little baubles and bowls of inspiration!

Also, news over here: the ever wonderful and inspirational Cozy Up has given The Red Otter Shop an "E for Excellence"! It's a blog award! I'm so honored! SO utterly tickled pink! Other blogs she has declared Excellent (and some of my favorites) were picciolo and Blaze Danielle! Thank you Cozy Up! Thank you!

I would like to pass on the "E for Excellent" award to these incredible blogs because of their unique beauty and encouragement to fellow artists and writers: The Peach Tree, S.HOPtalk, Black*Eiffel, Art Kitten, Wunderbug! You guys are wonderful!


T said...

Those paintings are beautiful! I love the first one and the last one. I hope you get your dream studio someday, it sounds like it would be lovely!

And you are most welcome for the award! I love visiting you here every day and see what treasures you've found or stories you have to tell. :)

picciolo said...

oh, thanks for mentioning me!!! I love those paintings, especially the landscape, its colours are amazing
: )

ThePeachTree said...


Please, no pictures, no pictures.....

You so crazy :) Thank you!!!! I'm SO not worthy!

S.HOPtalk said...

Oh my goodness Julia...what a wonderful surprise! Thanks sooooooo much. I am truly thrilled!!!

{Imagine me right now skipping around my office with the biggest smile on my face}

Thanks again! xo ~Suzanne

Art Kitten said...

I am honored, Julia, congratulations to you and thank you so much!