Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Interview with artist Xephz

Good afternoon! I wanted to share with you an interview I did with an amazing new artist on Etsy, Xephz! Please sit back and enjoy!

1. What do you create?
Just about everything hand made. Mostly hand-dyed journals and costumes of gods and elementals. But I also make props, masks, and artist books.

2. What led you to take up your craft?
Ever since I was a little kid, my mother encouraged me to make things. She sewed my cloths and we grew our veggies. Even now I see something and think, "I can make that..."

3. Which part of your work do you most enjoy?
I think the being messy part. They elbows up in berry juice, coffee paper dripping, feathers blowing everywhere. I like finding the accidents that turn into something good.

4. Which part do you find most trying?
There never seems enough time to do everything I want to. I always have an everchanging list of 'things to do' in my head. I sometimes wish I didn't sleep so I could just work on projects 24/7

5. Where do you get your inspiration?
Mostly from nature: organic colors, dyes, shapes and patterns. I love texture and will check thru fashion magazines, etsy, and museums for interesting combinations. Also medieval France and England. Any art from that time.

7. What is your favorite medium to work with?
That's a really hard one. Hmmm. I would say paper, because there are so many medium that take to it: ink, oils, watercolor, coffee, natural dyes, print making. Also it can be 2-D or 3-D and stiff enough paper, like matte board, can be a good base for masks.

8. What is your favorite item that you have purchased off of Etsy?
Lime-Lime Journal, cause it is fantastic and the first thing I art-swapped for! Thanks RedOtter ;)

9. What is your favorite item in your shop right now?
Gearrings, from learningtofly. Awesome steampunk jewelry from Sweden.

10. What are your favorite top three items from other artists shops?
Arm Dragon by Merimask. I have some of her masks and they are *amazing*

I have loved the nightmare snatcher since I first saw it. Spiderbite rocks!

I really like Laura's aesthetic and quirky naturalistic sense.

12. What undiscovered artisans would you recommend the world to know?
Jean-Francis Auburtin is one of the best artists who worked in gouache. Amazing color combinations.

Also Jeff de Boer and his amazing cat and mice armor series. Now that is cool imagination at work!

13. What is the best advice you have ever received?
One of my professors at RISD said, "what you do during the day is what you are." After spending a year after graduation working at a grocery store during the day and trying to make art during the evenings I realized that I was truly unhappy and all I thought about was making art. So with the help of my amazing boyfriend, I quit my job and am now making art full time and pursuing a life long dream.

Please check out Xephz's amazing shop here :)


Art Kitten said...

Excellent interview! What a great artist and so inspirational.

ThePeachTree said...

great interview! The first shot of the journals makes me wish I could write a journal!!