Friday, March 7, 2008

C I T R U S and B E R R I E S

Good morning! So, in the world of ETSY there are these things called "Treasuries." Sometimes they're very hard to snag (i.e. some people set their kitchen timers so they will be ready, seated expectantly at their computer, for that little window to open up at the bottom of the ETSY Treasury page, praying to god that they can type in their title and hit "create" before they all disappear forever). But, *ahem* every once in a while, we do snag a treasury (I set my timer this morning)! And we fill it with all of our favorite ETSY people, finds and treasures! If you're actually in someone else's treasury, that's exciting too (thank you Smackofjellyfish). Because then you have a fraction of a chance to make it to the ETSY front page, and then it's HOLY MAMA publicity for you and your shop! Anyways, all of this blathering was meant to simply (Ha!) introduce you to my Citrus and Berries treasury snagged this morning! Pop on and see all of my morning favorites!

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