Thursday, February 21, 2008

Top ten favorites for Thursday:

1. Pandora Radio: listening to Brandi Carlile, TK Tunstall, Cat Power, Feist, Amos Lee, Kate Nash, and Beth Orton

2. Idea Monsters: for introducing me to a new blog look! (thanks heaps, Court, you're a doll for directing me here)

3. Andrews support and kindness: You are the greatest source of peace, comfort, and generosity *smootches*

4. Girlfriend dates with fellow artist ArtKitten: indulging in coffee, wine, movies, sushi, and lots and lots of art talk!

5. Six mugs of Lady Gray tea (do you remember those days in England, Lizzy?)

6. SNOWPANTS: making the outdoors accessible

7. Kosovo Indepenance

8. Gustav Bauman's artwork
9. PerfectBound's guest blogging on Design*Spounge

10. Patience with myself!


wunderbug said...

welcome to my addiction, jewels. just try to pry yourself away. i dare you!

Art Kitten said...

*blush* :)