Monday, January 21, 2008

On my holiday

Andrew and I have just returned from a weekend away in Door County, Wisconsin! It was pretty evident that we were in dire need of a short holiday before Andrew started up his second semester of law school. I should start a blog just on the adventures of being married to a law student. Of course, Andrew could start a blog on what it's like being married to a hermit-like graphic designer. Anyways, Door County, no doubt, is best enjoyed in the summer, not in nine below freezing temperatures and wind. But, to be truthful, we went for the sake of getting away and holing up somewhere, so it was nice not to have an excuse to leave our comfy Bed and Breakfast room! Here is Andrew lounging about in his new wool sweater we found in one of our few trips out of the B&B.

That was one of the excuses we used to leave: shopping! Always a good excuse! That and coffee!

While at the B&B, I finished a book I had started at Christmas time. I laid out all of my papers and buttons in front of our fireplace and set to work! Sorry this photo is a little blurry.

Here is my Keepsake Button book: