Thursday, November 15, 2007

Prep time

After my husband hit the 5:30 alarm this morning, I rolled over and thought to myself "I didn't sign up for this." He has mock interviews today in one of his law classes, so he had to get up a half hour earlier than normal to "prep." He has to look sharp. He has to look dashing, confident, radiating intelligence and oozing power. Which he does very well, especially after a morning involving a leisurely breakfast, a long shower, a smooth shave, a new tie and a perfectly tied plaid scarf. He looks great! But, while he's off to catch his bus in patent leather shoes, confident that he's started the day out on the right foot, I'm sitting here, in my pj's wondering whether or not I should go make a huge pot of coffee or succumb to the sleep gods and crawl back into bed. You see, it's not just Andrew that has to get up. So do I. We have a small apartment, so even if I did want to sleep in it would be hampered by the sounds and lights of "life" happening around me. I feel as if I'm in a fog, and it was only a half hour less sleep! Bludgeoned by a bloody alarm clock.

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